Vibrant, juicy and pure Shiraz.

Plums and cherries with spice, dark chocolate and mint.

Floral, fruity with hints of under lying earthiness

Light, floral, citrus, peaches, honeysuckle, fresh. Beam it up!

Out there..........

50% Malbec

35% Shiraz

15% Cabernet


Ipod on shuffle, glass of wine in hand.  

Skrillex, a song from the Recess album, Alien face on the cover.  

Next tune, Bowie, one from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.  

A theme, a thought, an angle?....

I’m sure there IS other life somewhere else in our vast universe.

OK then. So what do THEY drink?




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 Virgo Super Cluster, Milky Way, Orion - Cygnus Arm, System Sol, Planet 

Earth, 33.8336◦ S    -   138.36100◦ E , to be exact.

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